Star Wars 4000mAh Flat Power Bank Poster

Product Code: PBSW-4FL-POSTER

Barcode: 5015909416420


The Force is with this awesome Star Wars Power Bank, sure to bring back nostalgic feelings for all of you who fell in love a long time ago with a galaxy far, far away!

With a design straight from the classic 1977 poster, this is a distinctive accessory to carry around, and easily one of the best looking power banks you can get. The distinctive design doesn’t detract from its functionality, though – you’ll be happy with the slim build of this device, making it easy to carry, and the USB output is compatible with a variety of smartphones, making it ideal for the hectic modern day. The Power Bank itself has four LEDs that keep you abreast of its charge status, and when it runs dry it only takes 3 hours to fully recharge, for maximum efficiency and on-the-go-ness.

Remember: with this Power Bank, the Force will be with you… always.